Your decision on creating a website (I’m excited for you!)

You want to create a website? Great, start with a good education on several of your available options. Please start here!

There are many options but there are three fundamentals to getting yourself to your website or blog goal shortly.You’ll need.

Register a domain name

This may sound scary because it has a referral to the dark mysterious world of domains but it really isn’t that big of a deal. A domain name is simply a registration for a year long period of a web address. The domain is what people will visit when they go to your website. More on domains with how do I choose a good domain name?



Black outlined circle with number 2 printed inside of it.  Sign up for web hosting.

The web host is where your website or blog is housed. It is also a connection between an individual or individual company and the World Wide Web readers. I highly recommend my web hosting company: to take care of your individual needs. At the moment, if you sign up for web hosting you will get your domain name for only $1.99! One cannot get their domain name any cheaper! You won’t be disappointed and help is available 24/7. There are free web hosting companies but I don’t recommend them. See why here.


Beige circle with black outline and number three printed in the inside


You’ll also need a program to design your webpage unless you are able to do it all by hand from notepad (highly impractical).

There are some great editors/builders, one familiar one is Dreamweaver from adobe; however, I must note that dreamweaver is what professional designers have used and trained on for their four-year college-degree. I built my first website with dreamweaver and it was an exhausting process.

If you’re like me and like shortcuts that still get the job done, Speedy-Joe’s “Website Tonight”  product features a drag and drop editor which greatly speeds up completion time for your website. This website is a WordPress site which has a quick learning curve and can be customized to your hearts content if you are willing to learn code. WordPress hosting is available with the regular web hosting option from Speedy-Joe’s. Also check out the ads on this page for options in creating web-pages. Adobe’s creative cloud gives you access to every single one of their products needed to design a webpage and to edit/create images.

Again, to get you on your feet, trust in Speedy-Joe’s were you can  register your first domain and purchase web hosting.  Besides drag and drop, Artiseer is a good time saving and “theme” producing design software as well. See here for a quick video of artiseer. If you’re impressed with artiseer and wish to purchase it or try it out, use this download link to start with your trial version Click here for the Artisteer Download and trial.

So I can better serve you, please go to this page to leave your email and to answer a couple questions. All responses will be used to the benefit of customers. I appreciate your value and your stopping by this website. Also a link to the question inquiry can also be found under “links” on the right sidebar. Thanks again!

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