12 Ways to make money online

In this economy, it is getting a little more challenging to bring in enough bacon in order to live a pretty comfortable lifestyle.  Sometimes one income households are not enough to take care of the entire family.  However there is a solution to this financial concerns that several people must be facing and that is to make money online.  While you may fear a scam coming on with the idea of generating income online, there truly are several ways to make a little extra money scam-free.  Here are a few:

1) Selling products on eBay

We all know that eBay is a well known company that allows people to buy, sell or trade products with other people online.  If you have items that are of value or not being used, you can go ahead and sell your products through eBay.  Not only will you be freeing yourself from unneeded things taking up space in your home, but you will be able to make money online through this.

2) Freelance writing

People with the talent for writing can make a little extra by becoming a freelance writer.  People in the business of SEO are always looking for a gifted writer to come up with an article to help with the promotion of a website or service.  You may even get lucky with a client who only requires rewrites to be done.  That means the work is done for you, it’s just up to you to tweek it a little to make it original.

3) Selling stock photos

Photographers and photographers at heart now have the opportunity to sell their photographs online for the world to use.  Companies with websites are always looking for the right image to capture their intention or feel.  Whether you are just taking shots for fun or for work, you have the chance to make money online.

4) Become a blogger

Blogging is rapidly becoming the activity to do online because it allows a person to write about things they like or want, and still make some cash on the side.  The more specific your blog is, the more likely it is able to put in links that people can view related to your blog.  For example, if you are a travel blogger, airlines or resorts are more likely to get you to put a link within your blog to help promote their own website.  They will pay you to help promote them.

5) Virtual Assisting

Virtual assistants, often just called VAs, are similar to a receptionist or office assistant.  You can become a VA for one major company to several micro businesses.  While a VA’s work can vary, answering phones, web research, appointment setting are some of the things expected of a VA.

6) Web Designing

For those with the artistic skills, web designing is another thing to look into when thinking of ways to make money online.  You can simply create the layout of a websites pages and design, and the web owner will be willing to hand you money for your services.

7) Logo Making

Another branch of the artistically inclined is making logos for companies.  This is a great way to build yourself up in the logo designing world.

8)  Online Presence for Local Businesses

Businesses are often struggling to beat out their competitors, and local businesses are the ones to feel the pain most of the time.  You can help local businesses by creating a web presence for them.  This may include setting up a social media site for them like on Twitter or Facebook and putting up their business information in online directories.

9)  Audio Transcription

While this may seem like a dead brain job, audio transcription is actually challenging.  But it is also a great way to bring in a little income without doing too much work.

10) Audio or Video Editing

This is another way to make money online.  All you have to do is get the raw files from your client and create or edit it in a way that will sound more interesting, professional, and catching to the ears and eyes of its intended audience.  While this may take hours of work, it’s also a great, easy start to add to your income.

It’s ok to be scared of online money making schemes, but with a little research and confidence, you should be able to find a way to generate money online without any problems.

11) Google Adsense

If you have traffic coming to your webpage a good way to monetize your page is by simply adding in the code for google adsense. Every click onto your ads results in income generated. Now the difficult part: getting traffic to your website.

12) Fiverr.com

Fiverr is a nifty little site growing in popularity fast. Anyone can join. Here you offer what you will for $5.00, it can be anything. Some people are selling ebooks others are selling their designs etc. Whatever you can think of that you are willing to sell for $5.00 belongs on this webpage. Each customer that wants your offer for $5.00 becomes a “gig.” People have gotten very creative with their offers. Check it out!

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