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I go by the name Mike Smith. I’ve created this site to give me a way to reach out and help those coming onto the internet. There appears to be a steady flux of people looking to plant themselves online.

I have been connected with the World Wide Web since 1999 (since my first college course) and have just recently begun affiliate marketing (as of October 20th, 2011). My goals are to create multiple streams of revenue via my online endeavors. I want to supplement existing income not replace.

I’m currently a college student at a College of Pharmacy. I intend to become professional full-time Pharmacist and to retire as one as well. I love science, the internet, learning, people, relationships and helping others. This website will help me fulfill myself while serving as an outlet that serves others. Please drop me a note and feel free to provide feedback at any time. If there is something that you were expecting and didn’t find please let me know what that is. I’d hate to violate any expectations from my visitors. One of my first webpages can be found at www.std-aid.com. I’m still adding content but it is a slow process. The website was started with¬†SBI which I can’t recommend enough! SBI provides excellent coaching to novices.

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