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1) Static webpages.

This is your ordinary webpage. It lacks dynamic content. It is a collection of webpages that you create and will be linked together. This is most traditional and oldest method of producing a webpage and displaying content online. This gets cumbersome as time goes on and you have more and more webpages to organize; however, it is simply and a very good starting place. Creation of static webpages can occur via drag and drop website editors like Website tonight which I have at my E-commerce store Speedy-Joe’s.I highly recommend product Website tonight because it is a quick, easy and simple method to get to building up your content right away. It also only requires minimal preparation and pretty much no design skills. An excellent choice.

2) Blogging

There are primarily two blogging platforms used on the internet rightnow. One is Blogger which is by Google. Some people have some amazing Blogs built with Blogger that started years ago, they have customized templates that look nothing like the ordinary blog; however, note that the Blogger platform is no longer where the “CHEESE” is. The cheese is now with the ever popular and growing number of WordPress platforms. WordPress is great because it is so flexible and is highly tailored towards SEO or search engine optimization. It is a solution that has the necessities built right into it. WordPress takes a bit of self education and patience but may be just what you’re looking towards getting into. What I like about WordPress is you can use it as a Blog or a Static Webpage. The main difference between a blog and static webpage is that a blog has a list of post that are in chronological order. As you add a post the older post moves back a position to be replaced by the newest dated post, creating a scrolling chronological order of your content creation. In addition, if your WordPress blog or webpage is missing something there is usually an easily installable “plugin” that grants your blog a certain feature, this eliminates the need to know PHP coding, the code used in WordPress.

Please don’t make the mistake I did. Do not go to the website “” and sign up for an account. You will be charged a high price for a domain name registration and won’t even be able to use plugins which are essential for the WordPress blogger. Trust me on this. I got you. For example, without plugins you won’t ever be able to monetize your webpage via adsense  (a major drawback). I highly suggest you get started with WordPress Blogs right away because it is a nice solution, everyone has a WordPress blog and blogging with WordPress is just fun and user friendly. Even if you just want to have a webpage, it is essential and nice to supplement your online presence or just your webpage with a blog. If you are interested in WordPress (I don’t blame you), Please signup with me through my store Speedy-Joe’s with WordPress Blog hosting. By clicking the link you understand you are not getting ripped off at and have prevented yourself a loss by doing so. Thank you. Let’s look at the next solution.

3) The highly acclaimed Site build it (SBI!).

SBI is a web hosting, domain name provider and educational solution all in one. It is specifically geared towards people looking to plant themselves securely and firmly in the online networking reality. SBI has everything built in for the aspiring web page creator at hand. There is a great walk through course that takes you from not knowing what to do to get started to your completed project, a website that is able to generate you revenue. The web site to make you money is on information you already contain. SBI! is an affordable solution and there are numerous case studies of people that have made it to the end or finished product. These people have websites that require minimal updating and earn upwords of $1000 a month, the sky is the limit. That’s a nice piece of income to supplement yourself with especially in exchange for minimal updating.

What I enjoy about SBI! is there is no guarantee of getting rich quick. SBI is about putting in the time and effort of creating your website through blood, sweat, tears and time. SBI puts emphasis on time being a requirement to end up a success like many people on the internet have become with SBI! SBI! is one of the best affiliate networks on the internet because it is simply a great program that flat out works. No hype pitched to you at all. I’m currently working on my SBI project, it almost 17 pages now. Someday, when it is finished it will be about 200 pages of content and it will monetize and make me a good bit of  money.

What’s great is once it is finished, that’s it! I don’t have to work on it much any more and it will generate revenue as long as the internet is up and it is connected! If getting educated about your online presence and having all the necessities consolidated together while receiving a great product by an honest man that doesn’t sell hype and isn’t a rip-off artist promising you that you’ll make $100,000 in your first three months then this program is for you. Here is the link to the founder’s page. If his page doesn’t get your attention then SBI is simply not going to be for you. If you do decide to use SBI, please use my link above so I’m credited. Thank you.

Also note, by using my link you acknowledge that SBI may be an outstanding, delivering program that is a sure path to one of my first successes online. I also understand that I am not being pitched hype or a get rich quick scheme. Please make sure to look through the honest case studies of people that have made reasonable successes. These people are not only the top 1% of successes that really hit it big with SBI (so many programs only show you the most successful 5% of people) but these are average people’s successes using SBI through until the end.



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