Get traffic to your site with Pinterest

Pinterest entered the social media marketed with a rapid increase in users in 2011. Pinterest was originally an invitation only website A white p surrounded by a red circle forming a logobut since 9 August, 2012, Pinterest has opened registration to the public. Rejoice.  Pinterest has potential to drive traffic to your website. People all across the internet are touting pinterest as a great source of traffic and even claiming it to be a gold rush.

How it works

As a member of the site you can creak boards (like a cork board) and you can “pin” images to these board

For example if you love hand bags you can create a board called “great hand bags” and whenever you’re browsing the web and find a bag you love, you click the “pin it” button on your browser toolbar (that you install) and the picture ends up pinned to your board.

So if you love shoes, you can create a board called “Awesome Shoes” and whenever you’re browsing the Web and find a pair of shoes you love, you simply click the “Pin It” button on your browser toolbar (that you install) and the picture gets pinned to your board.

People can “like” your pins, follow your boards and re-pin images you post to their own boards. In addition people can follow you increasing the chances you’ll get your images re-pinned. You can also follow other users like you would do in twitter.

How Does Pinterest Generate Traffic?

There is really one primary way to get traffic from Pinterest. Every time you pin an image to a board or re-pin an image to a board you can add a link back to your website. That way, if someone clicks your image or your re-pinned image they will end up being directed to your website. Another potential traffic source is posting your website’s address into your Pinterest profile; however, this is unlikely to drive as much traffic as pinning images will.

 Not interested in Pinterest?

You may want to re-think that idea, lol, pinterest is a traffic generating joke!. Pinterest has ranked as the second highest traffic (10-15 hits per day) generating source for my website inspired by SBI! and located at I only get 10-15 hits per day for using pinterest all day. I don’t get traffic because Google and other search engines refuse to rank my websites in their search results.

People can also pin YouTube videos. People can also share YouTube videos! If someone pins or posts a video you made, a thumbnail  shows up on their board with a link back to your video!

So even if you don’t want to join in on all the pinning and sharing, always make sure you have images on your pages because it allows others to pin and share them.

Here’s some help with installing Pin It buttons on your website to encourage pinning by your readers. And if you’re a WordPress user, you can install a plugin to easily add the Pin It button to your site.


CAUTION (MUST READ): Do  not plan on getting more than 10-15 hits a day to your webpage if you spend about 8 hours pinning content a day. Pinterest is  not meant to drive hordes of traffic and it won’t. In the forums the marketers that are selling pinterest automated bots (That don’t work) claim that pinterest is a “Gold Mine,” nothing could be farther than the truth. They are trying to sell their software that just doesn’t even work and ALL of the offers for Pinterest bots are rip-offs. Unforgettably  Satan has a large dominance on the internet and that’s why so many scams are on the internet. I have tried 2 pinterest bots and was ripped off twice while the sellers of the product told me to my face and in instant messages complete lies without any shame. In other words, once again, I warn you, from my experiences that pinterest is not even close to a gold mine and traffic results gained per 8 hours of pinning won’t be in excess of 20 hits per day.

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