HTML Tutorial with Meta Tags and More


This video is a short tutorial showing you what can be done with HTML. This is production of HTML meta tags for any webpage that you have made. This is the very structure that is read by the search engine spiders when indexing and finding out what your webpage is about.

In the design and coding of webpages there seems to always be a mixture of HTML and CSS. HTML is very primitive and basic and thankfully is also very easy to learn. The basics start with tags. For example before starting a word that we want to make bold we will have the opening tag <b>.

The opening tag is a b surrounded by brackets. The b stands for bold and the brackets indicate HTML code. After we have typed in the word that we want to position boldly we always have to use a closing tag. The only difference between the opening and closing tag is the addition of a slash /, if you will to the closing tag. For example. Hello <b>Bob</b> would be displayed “Hello Bob” The closing tag indicates that the bold effect applied from the opening tag is to stop right after the word Bob.

Without the closing tag all text typed in after Bob would continue to be displayed in bold and would known to be “bleeding” since all text would continue onwards in a bold manner. This is simply a reference to someone forgetting to close their tag. Now to illustrate where html is fundamental is in the meta tags of any web page you have.

Knowing a little html will help you adjust your keywords and keyword description. At the least, even if you don’t enter your keywords manually, you’ll have an understanding of where and how your meta tags reside SOMEWHERE. The value of the meta tags is not what it used to be but to be safe watch my video please.

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