Permit visitors to download files from your website

You have probably seen files available for download on peoples websites. For example, you click on a link and it opens up a window asking you where you want to save a file. If you want this on your webpage you can. It is wise to zip the file you want others to have first.

After zipping the file you can store it on your server. Upload your file to a folder on your web-hosting company’s server. Call them to ask what the web address of the file is. When you have the URL to your file you can make a link on your website to the file.

For example, my web host is fatcow at the moment because I decided to have my site hosted with them before I started selling web hosting packages. I can upload a file to my file directory through the file manager to “ecreateawebsite.” The file is then available via link with the address\files\<file name>. It is as simple as that. Note you’ll probably need to contact someone at your hosting company to get the files’ link address.




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