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An effective domain name contains several components but has three main attributes. It is short, memorable and descriptive. Short domain names are effective because they are memorable, traffic generating and just plain easy to use.The maximum allowable name is 63 characters in length but I’d say your pushing it with your name domain name if it is above 16 characters.

Long gone are the days when it was easy to get the short, flowing domain name that just rolls off your fingertips when typed. For example, as a student Doctor I am interested in writing about sexually transmitted diseases (which would make for a long domain name) and thought I’d search for the sweet and short abbreviation:

At that website I encountered a splash page displaying a company’s ownership of the domain and a requested inquiry for purchase.Upon inquiry, a broker replied that a minimum bid of $69,000 is necessary in order to purchase the domain name. After the broker than corresponded with his boss the owner requested a minimum quarter million dollars or $250,000 as a beginning bid.

Just because a lot of the domain names worth value have been soaked up doesn’t mean all of them are gone. You could be lucky enough to purchase a domain name that grows in demand or end up registering some abbreviation that some corporation absolutely must have and is willing to pay top dollar. Wouldn’t that be lucky.

The current temptation in purchasing a domain name is to use a hyphen between words when registering a domain. As an example, instead of a registrant would settle for

Some people suggest against the use of hyphen and if necessary only to be used as a last resort; however, hyphenated domain names (which do not roll of your fingers as nicely as a short domain name when typed) are becoming more commonplace. The world population is only going to increase and as the internet becomes more in demand yearly, the supply of even the hyphenated domains will become scarce.

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