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About the author:
Wondering who is running this show? Want to get to know a little bit more about me and my goals?

Important information for all visitors and guests to be aware about.

Privacy Policy:
Your privacy is important to you at all times. How your privacy is affected while on this site is reviewed here.

12 Ways to Make Money Online:
Twelve different mechanisms of making money online are looked upon. It isn’t easy but perseverance pays off!

Create a website | Creating a website:
Creating a webpage or site is a large undertaking. A look at available approaches for website creation are here.

HTML Tutorials with meta tags and more:
A condensed and brief summary of how to use HTML and a video showing the creation of meta tags.

Register a domain today:
There are considerations to ponder upon before registering your first domain.

Why Free Web Hosting is a bad idea:…-is-a-bad-idea/
There are several reasons why one shouldn’t use a free web host.

Your decision on creating a website:
Three actions describing the essentials to beginning your online presence.

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